Small Signs = Big Impact

Bentonville Copy & Ship's banners come in two thicknesses (standard 4mil and heavy duty 10mil), can be printed on both sides, with custom shape options for maximum attention-grabbing impact.

Coroplast is a rigid, weatherproof material that is lightweight, portable, and resuable.

Need stakes? You won't find the wimpy super-bendy ones here. Our standard stake is an "H" stake made of 9 gauge wire. WE also have heavy duty steel H frame stakes that are great for signs you plan to reuse at different locations.

If you don't need stakes, we can also put gromets (reinforced holes) in the sign for easy hanging. These signs are light enough that they can also be held up by 3M Command strips.


The price of your yard sign will depend upon the thickness of the coroplast we use, the size of the sign, whether it's a single or double sided print, quantity ordered, and the shape. Custom shapes cost more due to the extra handling involved to create the shape during both pre-production and post-production.

The standard yard sign is typically 18" x 24" and made of 4mil coroplast. These start at $11.50 per sign for single side printing and $15.00 for a sign that has double sided printing. We offer bulk discounts for sign orders of 26 or more. 

Our 10mm single sided signs start at $17.50 and $20.00 for doube sided, with discounts for 26 or more signs.

If you need stakes, our standard 9 guage wire stakes are $1.99 each. We have HD steel stakes for $2.99 each.

Drop us a line at if you'd like to receive a quote for your yard sign project.   Production time is usually less than 5 business days, although custom shaped signs could take as long as 10 business days. 

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