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Since 1991, thousands of Walmart and Sam's Club Suppliers have relied on Bentonville Copy & Ship to get their product samples to layout rooms, CTL, and area showrooms.

It all got started in the 1990s when one of our Supplier customers called us from his East coast office. He was stuck and needed to have a product sample delivered to Walmart. He asked if he had it shipped to us, could we deliver it to his Buyer? We said sure.

He recommended us to his colleagues who also started doing the same. Soon we were delivering hundreds of product samples to Walmart and Sam's Club every day. 

About Our Services

  • We usually make two scheduled delivery runs every day, Monday through Friday.  Our morning run happens between 10:45am and 11am.  Our afternoon run is around 2pm. Occasionally UPS and/or FedEx runs late and we are only able to do a single delivery run that day. 
  • Hot Shot Delivery Service. If you need a package delivered immediately, we offer a Hot Shot service for an additional fee. Tip: this service usually works best with either UPS or FedEx.
  • Hold for Pickup. We can hold your items for pickup by a designated person.
  • Product Sample Pickup at Layout Centers. Make sure your Buyer has released the item to us prior to calling for a pick up. Our cut off time for same day pickup requests is 2pm CST.
  • Pallets and Freight Deliveries. We have a box truck with a lift gate for pallet deliveries. It is essential you notify us when sending pallets because our storage space is VERY LIMITED.  Call us at 479-273-3987 or send us an email at when you're shipping a pallet so we're ready for it! 
  • With a One Time Use Form we bill your credit card after we performed the service you requested
  • With a Store Account we bill your credit card each Thursday for all the deliveries or other services we provided to you during the week.

We apologize, but we cannot make deliveries to Buyer's homes during COVID-19. We are more than happy to hold those items at our shop for pickup.


The Delivery Process

  • When your package arrives at our location, we take it off the truck and log it into our system.
  • We save our logged-in packages on a flash drive. The information we log includes the Company that sent the package, the tracking number, Buyer, Department and Location.
  • When we arrive at a layout center, our package log is transferred to the layout center's receiving computer
  • The Layout Centers' Receiving Department takes our packages and they are responsible for getting them to Buyers' areas. Walmart will not allowed us take the package to the buyer's area within the layout centers due to security.  If your Buyer cannot locate their package after we drop it off at the layout center, the Buyer must contact the Receiving Department.

Pricing for Services

Package Receiving Fee 5.00 per box
Layout Centers / CTL 20.00 per buyer or recipient
CIC Appointment Only Delivery 35.00 per buyer
Hot Shot Service 20.00 add'l fee per buyer
Pallet Receiving 30.00 per pallet
Half Pallet Receiving 15.00 per half pallet
Lift-gate / Box Truck Service 75.00
Delivery Verification (Email/Phone) 5.00
Photography of Received Samples 5.00 per photo
Video Call to go over Received Samples $10.00 / 15 minutes
Storage Fee Free for 14 days, then $10.00/week
Packages received marked "Bill Recipient" Shipping charges billed to our account + $25 service fee

Examples of Pricing

One box going to one buyer at MLK Layout:

  • $5.00 Receiving Fee
  • $20.00 Delivery to the buyer
  • TOTAL - $25.00+ tax

Two boxes going to the same buyer at a layout center:

  • 2x $5.00 Receiving Fee
  • $20.00 Delivery to  the buyer
  • TOTAL - $30.00+ tax

Two boxes with Hot Shot requests to one buyer:

  • 2x $5.00 Receiving Fee
  • $20.00 Delivery to the buyer
  • $20.00 Hot Shot Fee
  • TOTAL - $50.00+ tax

How to Address Your Package To Us For Delivery

When addressing your package to us for delivery, please use the following format:
Buyer's Name / Department
Bentonville Copy & Ship
902A S. Walton Blvd., Ste 1
Bentonville, AR 72712
Phone: 479-273-3987


When we receive your package at our shop, we will put a delivery label on it. If you like, you can download a PDF version of this label and put it on your box separate from the FedEx/UPS/DHL delivery label.