After a brief hiatus, our Notary services are back! 

  • Notary services are generally available between 8 am and 4:30pm Monday through Friday (with the exception of a lunch break between 12:00 and 1:00), but it's good to call and make sure the Notary is available for the time you want to come in. We do allow her to have a day off every now and again :)   479.273.3987
  • In accordance with guidelines from the state of Arkansas, the Notary reserves the right to refuse to notarize documents that either do not have the space for Notarization, difficulty in clear communication regarding the documents to be notarized, or if there is confusion or lack of clarity about which documents need to be notarized or how documents need to be filled in
  • Notaries are $10.00 per notarization
  • We can accept foreign passports are IDs if they are not expired and the identifying information is in English

Notaries are not allowed to dispense legal advice. Please make sure you are familiar with your documents BEFORE you arrive at our location. Read over them, make sure you know where you need to sign/notarize, and if you are uncertain about anything please call the people who gave you the contract or document BEFORE you arrive, especially if you have a large document that requires several notarizations.

Documents we cannot Notarize:

  • I9 Forms
  • Payroll records, utility bills, bank statements, or financial proving documents. Please contact the issuing authorities of your documents and ask for a statement or certified copy of such records
  •  Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage Certificates -Certified copies of these must be issued from the state the event happened in
  • Foreign language documents that do not have an English translation