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Fax Services

  • Please remember faxes take longer than emails! The transmission time per page varies depending upon the content (photos take much longer than text), but it typically takes 30 seconds to 1 minute per page. For higher volume page faxes, please allow sufficient time for complete transmission of your document within our operating hours.
  • Our fax machine has a 30 page per transmission limit. Documents longer than 30 pages will be sent over multiple transmissions
    • Sending Fax Price: Starts at $2.00/page with volume discounts for more than five pages.
    • Receiving Fax Price: $1.00 per page. Please be sure your sender puts your name on the fax they are sending. We will hold incoming faxes for 30 days before shredding. Our fax machine is on 24/7 for receiving.

    Our Fax Number is 479-273-3315