Get Your Message Out in a Big Way!

Indoors or outdoors, banners are a hard-to-miss way to communicate your event, sale, promotion, or message. Wild Beaver can create a banner with the right material and finishing that's perfect for your needs.

If you have your file ready to go, that's great. But if you need us to create the artwork or layout for you, no worries. Send us an email at to get started.

Banner production time is usually 72 hours / 3 business days. Need it faster? Use our Speedee Beaver Service with a 24-48 hour turnaround! Extra fees apply .

Retractable Banners

When your message needs to be portable, try our Expolinc retractable banners.  It's sturdy, wide footed metal base comes with a lifetime guarantee.  The banner width measures 33.46" with an adjustable height of 64" - 85".   A sturdy carrying case is also provided.  All in for $280!

Banner Production Gallery


Have any Questions?

  1. Q What's the difference between "Quickturn" and the other prices?
    AQuickturn is a rush production - usually with a completion time of 24-48  hours. The other pricing reflects a 72 hour production window. In other words, plan ahead, give us some time, and you'll save $$$!
  2. Q What are my options for outdoors banners?
    A If you plan to have the banner outside for a short period of time, we've found a 15oz banner material is pretty durable. If you plan to be a windy location, wind slits can be added at every square foot for $1.00 per slit.

    For longer stints outdoors, we have a mesh material that's great for mounting to fences and allows air flow through without the need for slits.
  3. Q What's the best way to hang my banner?
    A Every banner comes with grommets (reinforced metal holes) so you can secure it with rope or even zip ties if you're mounting to a fence.
    But there are other options you can have, too. If you'd rather pole mount your banner, let us know at the time of order so we know to add extra material for pole pockets - and let us know if you're planning to hang it from the top or the sides.
    We also have X-style banner stands for indoor display. These are for vertical banners and are limited by size and width. Let us know if you'd like to explore that option when you order.
  4. Q I only need a simple white banner with black text. Is there a discount for that?
    A We're sorry, but the printing process uses all ink colors to create black so unfortunately we can't offer a discount. We can, however, help you find the most economical options based on what environment the banner will be displayed in.