Services Update

A belated happy new year to one and all! Let's hope 2021 is better!  COVID-19 had significant impact to our business and we saw a lot of change in the type of services of customers needed (and continue to need) from us during the pandemic. As such, we've had to re-examine some of our services, policies and pricing. 

Label Printing for Returns
Before COVID-19, we usually handled about 500-700 return packages a month for FedEx, UPS and the Post Office. Since COVID-19, those numbers have easily doubled. Many of our customers need to have a label printed AND they need their box or envelope sealed up too. 

In 2020 we went from a case of packing tape lasting a few months to having to buy a case of packing tape every few weeks. Not gonna lie, it's getting crazy expensive for us since a case of tape plus shipping is close to $100. The $0.16 we charge for printing out labels isn't sufficient to also cover the cost of taping up so many packages.

So beginning in 2021, we've started a new policy on package drop-offs:
  • If you're package is ready to go, with a label attached and sealed, you're golden. No charge.
  • If your package is taped up but you only need us to print a label, then you'll only pay for the label ($0.16)
  • If your package needs the label printed AND your package sealed, the cost will be $0.91 (or $1.00 with the tax)

We hope we've made a good enough case as to why we've had to start this policy.

And while w'e're on the topic of returns, let's talk about...
QR Code Returns

Although we are both a FedEx Authorized Shipping Center and a UPS Authorized Shipping Outlet, we are unable to accept QR Code based returns. Yes, it's confusing, and we'd prefer to take your package, but unfortunately the online retailers who issue QR Codes for returns have entered into an exclusive contract with either the UPS Store or FedEx office, and only UPS Stores or FedEx Offices can accept those returns, not anyone who ships FedEx or UPS.

We know most of our customers prefer "one-stop" for all their drop-offs, and we really like being that one-stop. We know some of our customers have complained to online retailers about the restrictive nature of QR Code based returns. To those we say Thank you - You're the real MVP.


Our Notary services have resumed. On January 1st our Notary prices went to $8.00 per notarization. Our Notary policies and information on what we will and won't notarize are available on our Notary page under Services.

Expanded Printing Services
We are working on expanding our print offerings and we're really excited with some of the new things we're bringing on board.

  • Expanded Banner options
  • Coroplast yard signs
  • Door hangers
  • Window Mesh Graphics
  • Expanded sticker and label options
  • Reflective outdoor signs
  • Aluminum signage

And of course, don't miss our new Customizer tool where you can design your own t-shirts, hoodies, and loads of other accessories!

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