Shipping Carriers Are Not Paying Claims for Porch Pirate-d Packages

It's crazy with more people working from home that porch piracy seems to be on the rise. But it's only April and so far we've filed more claims for theft after delivery than we have in the past five years combined.

And now we're starting to receive denials for claim payouts for stolen residential packages. Even though each package through UPS or FedEx offers declared value protection up to $100.00 for each shipment, they are not paying out claims for packages they leave on peoples' doorsteps, garages, etc. that are not there when the recipient goes to retrieve it.

Their take on the matter is they did what they were paid to do by delivering the package to the destination and they will not assume liability for it once it is released from their custody.

So how do we make sure your package gets to its recipient and keeps the chances of theft at a minimum?

Unfortunately, there is an extra fee for this service, but it is the best way to ensure your package isn't abandoned on a doorstep, leaving it as temptation for someone to take it.   If the recipient isn't at home, the carrier will leave an attempted delivery notice on the door and give the recipient different options to receive the package (rescheduled delivery, pick up at the terminal, or hold for pick up at another location, such as a UPS Store or FedEx Office or Walgreens, etc.). 
After three delivery unsuccessful delivery attempts, the package will be returned to sender.
  • Option 2HOLD FOR PICK UP AT THE TERMINAL OR A BUSINESS THAT OFFERS THIS SERVICE, such as Walgreens, CVS, Family Dollar, UPS Stores, FedEx Offices, Staples, etc. 
    For FedEx packages, we can look up nearby locations that are official HAL (Hold at Location) centers and have your package sent there.

    UPS doesn't offer us the same level of information to us as FedEx, but we can look up area UPS Stores and address your package as a Hold for Pickup at one of their locations.
Packages are usually held for 5 business days before they are returned to sender.
  • Option 3: REQUEST AN EVENING OR APPOINTMENT DELIVERY  Not gonna lie, this service isn't cheap.  For FedEx, the additional fee can range from $10.00 for a general "evening delivery" to $25.00 for a concierge type service where the recipient is contacted by FedEx so they are in control of what time they receive their package.  UPS, on the other hand, does not have these options for us to select at shipping, but if your recipient has enrolled in UPS My Choice, they will have access to tools that given them control over when their package is delivered.

We know that in many cases neither of these options are ideal, but neither is having your package stolen after delivery and not receiving any compensation for it. But we want you to know your options so your shipping experience ends as it was intended - with the recipient actually receiving your package!

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