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It was a long time coming but it's here - we're finally offering Paper Shredding in partnership with Iron Mountain!

And what better way to kick it off than with a month long special rate!

We have a fully locked and secured storage bin supplied to us by Iron Mountain. No one at our shop- absolutely no Wild Beaver employee - has a key or can access whatever gets dropped into the bin. All keys are with Iron Mountain employees. Your documents are safely secured within.

How does it work?

Paper shredding is charged by the pound. We start with weighing your stack on our scales to tally the charges. The price is $1.39/lb but through the month of July we're offering special rate of $1.29/lb.

Once we have the weight and received payment, we take your papers to the secured console for disposal. You are also welcome to dispose the papers into the console yourself.

We have a regularly scheduled pickup with Iron Mountain during the first week of the month (or we can schedule one when the bin is full).

Iron Mountain is solely responsible for unlocking our bin, removing the secured bag within the console and for the off-site destruction the contents. Every step is accounted for through digital scans and tracking.

Certificate of Destruction

Iron Mountain will issue a Certificate of Destruction when the documents from our bin have been destroyed. If you would like a copy of the Certificate, we will be happy to email it to you as proof your contents were destroyed.

We spent considerable time researching what the different service providers offer. We are impressed with Iron Mountain's Workflow for off-site destruction - it's accountable and traceable from the moment our bin is unlocked through transportation to their facility for destruction.  To learn about it in greater detail, check out their website.

Iron Mountain Offsite workflow

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