Holiday Shipping Deadlines Be Ever Near'er

Holiday Shipping Deadline Holidays Shipping

After what feels like the Longest.Year.Ever, here we are with the holiday shipping deadlines quickly approaching!

We don't know if the much-prophesied "Shipageddon" is going to happen but our advice never waivers from one holiday season to the next - SHIP EARLY!

The cutoffs start the second Saturday of December - that's December 12th.

Make sure you give your packages plenty of time to reach their destination and to also exercise a little extra patience with delivery times.

Ground packages might take a few extra days depending on volume.

UPS and FedEx are still not guaranteeing their Air packages delivery commitments which means they are not issuing refunds for late deliveries.

As a final reminder -- we're your one stop shipping shop in Bentonville. We ship via UPS, FedEx and the Post Office and we have curbside service! You can sit in the comfort of your car while we haul your packages in and fetch you quotes for FedEx, UPS and Post Office. We're doing what we can to make this year a little easier for you :)

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