Changes in shipping to European Union, Norway and Sweden

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It's going to take a little more time and one more sheet of paper when shipping to the EU, Norway and Sweden.

Shipping to the European Union, Norway and Sweden

The EU, Norway and Sweden require Harmonized Codes on all commercial invoices. Harmonized codes makes identifying products and duties easier for customs departments by having a standardized classification that is the same around the world.

OK, how does this change my shipping experience?

If you are using your own account number, nothing will change because you will do this yourself when you created your international shipping label. Carry on!

If you are paying us to ship your package, it will take a wee bit longer to process your package as we look up the harmonized codes, based on what you fill out on our new form.

The new form is similar to a customs document where you fill in quantities, country of manufacture, item descriptions and value. Only difference is we need DETAILED descriptions of the item(s).  We can no longer use generic descriptions. Examples:

 Generic Detailed
Women's Clothing, New Women's Levi's Skinny Jeans, New
Household Goods, Gift Arkansas Razorback Coffee Mug, Gift
DVD Disney Movie DVD
Personal Effects Worn Clothing, Ladies Gap button down shirt

We will use the form you have filled out to lookup the Harmonized Codes and create the digital commercial invoice. Because we will have to lookup every item in your shipment, it will take us a few minutes longer to process your international packages going to the EU, Norway and Sweden.

We appreciate your patience!

If you want to fill this form out before you arrive at our shop, we will think you are so super cool and awesome and be so happy you planned ahead!  Here is a link where you can download the form.

But I don't wanna fill that out!

If you don't want to fill out the form then we can't ship your package.

We need this information because without it, all sorts of hideous things will happen that we don't want to happen. FOR EXAMPLE -

  • The carrier will zing us with a surcharge because they have to lookup the items for us
  • The delivery of the package will be delayed as the carrier takes the time to do the work WE should have done
  • If we don't have accurate quantities, descriptions or values, the customs agency in the destination country will hold the package for further inspection
  • The package might be refused by the destination country for inaccurate customs declaration and sent back at our (and ultimately your) expense.

All of that is way too much pain and misery for these already troubled times so we have to take the "sorry-not-sorry" approach to this. Right?

Of course we are. ;)

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