Changes in shipping to China, Russia, Venzuela and Hong Kong

The new regulations throw around a lot of acronyms - EEI, ECCN, CCL, EAR99 - and they're as exciting and intriguing as they sound.

If you want to get into the much and mire of all those things then jump over to the Bureau of Industry Security website, which also doubles as a wonderful cure for insomnia.

But we have good news for these trouble times - we've attempted to simplify all this into layman's terms and widdled it down to the essentials, based on what the majority of our customers ship. 

How is my shipping experience going to change?

If you're using your own account number, then it won't change. This won't apply to you because you will have already taken care of it it when you created your own shipping label. Carry on!

If you are paying us to ship your item, you will encounter a small change in the form of a...well, form

It will ask you to verify you are not shipping items from the Commerce Control List.  The CCL covers several broad categories - we assume you are not shipping laser beams or nuclear materials (if you are then heaven's sake, please let us know. Thank you in advance).

Specifically, our list will ask you to verify you are not sending:

  • Software
  • Telecommunications Devices (mobile phones)
  • Computers, laptops, televisions, or similar technology
  • "Smart" devices or accessories
  • Chemicals
  • Devices that contain computer chips

We will also ask you to verify your items are not worth more than $2500 USD, or if you are sending multiples of the same item, their accumulative value does not exceed $2500 USD.

If you're not then, your items will be noted on the commerical invoice as EAR99 items and you should experience smooth sailing (key word being "should").

But I need to ship an item that's on the list...

We can definitely ship your item, but there might be delays since it could be flagged for further inspection before it leaves the United States.

How long does an inspection take?

Honestly, we don't know. It's US Customs - there are too many unknown factors for us to even guess.  I suspect Customs would tell us "it will take as long as it takes".

The important thing is to ensure we have the most accurate documentation supplied, and that includes not fudging on values or quantities or descriptions. If we do those, then it will ensure the best outcome for your package throughout its journey.





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